About Me

Alessandro Barone was born in Rome in 1967. He attends the State Art Institute “Silvio D’ Amico” wherehe getsa Master of Art diploma, winning also a prize in a regional school competition. He starts out in goldsmith’s craft doing some apprenticeship in the goldsmith’s shop of the master goldsmith Alfredo Tabacchiera, and then making experience with Duilio Leo, who makes him realize the importance of artisan work. In 1991 he decides to start a partnerschip business in Umbria, establishing the “Alex & Dino s.n.c.”, with Dino Tabacchiera in the name of both the mutual friendship and the passion for goldsmith’s craft. After quite a few years in this experience he has decided to open up a goldsmith’s shop in the historical city of Orvieto. The shop  is about to open. His work starts from the very first moment of the design and is carried on up to the finished jewel.Particularly important i the moment of the design, based on the precise examinationof a detail which could stimulate his own interest and be the source of the creation of an object which originates both from professionalism and the care for details. The intimate knoweledge of the goldsmith’s craft has led him to the quest of his own ideal. He tries, anyway, to use his artistic sense to create jewels which have also a regard for the ideas the customer may have about. As for the modern jewel, if you just give in the name of the person who will be presented with it, it is “personalized”. It comes out complete with a booklet with the design and description of the object and its features, with a guarantee that the that object is “unique”.Among the various tecniques he masters there is also the enamel.

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